Release Notes for ASI-MV® Connect


Version 6.0.1310.0

Released:  2007-06-13

SmartClient Version 6.0.1310.0, ASI-MV English Version 6.0.692.0 


ASI-MV Connect 6.0 automatically updates your computer with the latest version of the program when it is connected to the Internet. Therefore, there is no need to download the newest version of the program. You can check the version of ASI-MV Connect 6.0 by right-clicking the Inflexxion Monitor task tray (located on the lower right side of your screen) and selecting ''About.'' You can also navigate to the version number located in your Program Files here: \Program Files\Inflexxion\SmartClient\SmartClient.Build.Number and open it with Notepad. 


• Data migration enhancements
• ASI-MV English interview features audio and font enhancements
• Username parameters set to 10 character maximum
• Allows non-administrator users to run ASI-MV® Connect without a "Run As..." desktop shortcut
• Large datasets can now be imported through Administration Import Data utility
• Link to the Release Notes page is shown whenever the system is auto-updated
• Can now be configured to run through a proxy server