Release Notes for ASI-MV® Connect


Released:  2009-11-04
Includes:  SmartClient version, ASI-MV English version 7.0.1392.0, ASI-MV Spanish version 7.0.781.0, CHAT version 7.0.751.0

Overview:  This update includes the Consistency of Response Summary and the new update notification system.


  • We’ve enhanced the “Consistency of Response Summary” in the Narrative report, so you can see where clients’ answers to questions may be inconsistent and need further investigation. There are 27 pairs of questions that are flagged if answered inconsistently. You’ll now see these listed out at the end of your Narrative reports, and can address them with your clients.
  • The update notification system will alert you when a new update is available. You will see a new icon in the system tray (in the bottom right hand corner near your computer clock) when there is a new update and a browser window will popup with additional information.